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Key description

The textile and clothing industry covers a wide range of activities from processing natural (cotton, linen, wool, etc.) or synthetic (polyester, polyamide, etc.). The production and trade of textiles are in great demand in the world and are applied to high-tech synthetic yarns, bedding, industrial filters, and clothing.

The textile trade includes the import and export of textiles and textile products. They can consist of finished products and raw materials. VKV Agency provides trade innovations and analyses possible business processes for online and offline trading.


  • The textile and clothing industry is an important part of the European manufacturing industry, playing a decisive role in the economy and social well-being.
  • Organizations are putting everything on the line for the development of new markets, be it a different region, a different end-user, or just a straightforward market development. We provide the ability to purchase products online.
  • Develop the economy of your country and increase the import of textiles, which then get more income from the final textile products.
  • Benefit from the global competition with optimal material prices and optimal delivery VKV Agency may provide you.


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