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Petrochemicals are an important part of the chemical industry. Such products include any product derived from petroleum or natural gas. Petrochemical products play an important role in our daily and industrial life. It is present in household goods, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and leisure to highly specialized areas such as renewable energy.

The refinery produces a wide variety of different products from every barrel of crude oil it refines. We usually deliver gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel fuel, and other petrochemical by-products.


  • VKV Agency offers a full range of trade, transport, and logistics services for petrochemicals and refined products, both regionally and internationally.
  • Increased demand for a product means more processing of that product. Accordingly, oil plays an important role in the economies of many countries.
  • Petrochemical products are usually produced in volumes less than the capacity of the entire tanker. Pipelines are not an economical option, so they are mostly transported by rail and tank cars.
  • VKV Agency serves a wide range of third-party clients. Our clients include domestic and foreign refineries and oil trading companies from many countries and regions.


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