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Key description

In order to deliver the goods and provide services, VKV Agency contacts the delivery management, which analyzes the methods of fast delivery and preservation of the whole product. To do this, we use retail and wholesale trade logic.

VKV Agency provides a full package of services in the framework of trade logistics. All commodity flows are optimized; we also establish communication with suppliers using methods that are convenient for everyone. VKV Agency strives to provide fast, reliable transport operations that do not harm the environment.


  • Retail logistics allows tracking of batch delivery, hygiene, availability, and specific packaging.
  • We optimize your product flows and create a link between the supplier, retailer, and end consumer.
  • VKV Agency offers a comprehensive package of services, from the procurement of raw materials, storage, and to the supply of your trading partners.
  • The company provides scheduled deliveries for your products and can transport and manage your returns if you wish.
  • Whether you have purchased petrochemicals, electrical goods, or textiles, VKV Agency will deliver the goods you ordered directly to the address.


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