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In addition to the delivery of industrial raw materials, the company provides equipment for the storage and processing of goods and for electrical commodities use. Thanks to the use of the equipment, you can maintain the exceptional quality of production and its storage for a long time.

VKV Agency supplies tank containers for the storage and transportation of food and chemical products. Besides tanks, you can purchase silos, which are convenient for storing bulk materials. If you specialize in the chemical industry, then you will need equipment to deal with chemicals safely. These include pumping, heat exchange, and filtration equipment.


  • Owning the equipment allows you to use it on an ongoing basis without additional rental costs.
  • Specialized equipment allows you to save your products and not lose money because of their rapid depletion.
  • Remember, longevity matters. Don't skimp on equipment to help you in your business. Quality matters. The new equipment lasts longer than what has already been in use.
  • Equipment financing allows you to purchase the equipment at a fixed rate for a fixed period without having to purchase equipment with cash or working capital.


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