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We maintain interaction with sales agents, as it gives an opportunity to enter foreign markets. Through this interaction, both the agent and the company get profit. It's a win-win strategy. The agent receives a percentage of the value of each transaction ordered by the customer. The company pays only for conducted sales. Commissions are a good and fair deal that is effective for both parties to a contract.

VKV Agency has been active for many years, thus we can provide a large client base and a counterparty base. Besides trading in goods and services, we also provide information. Thus, we can assess the market and provide intermediary services in the selection of carriers, brokers, forwarders.


  • Working with independent sales agents instead of full-time direct sales staff gives the company many benefits. Thus, this agreement is based on simple synergy and mutual benefit.
  • Reduce the cost of purchasing a product. By concluding the agency agreement, you receive goods from the supplier and commissions from each sale.
  • Cut the tax burden on the simplified tax system. The company pays for all your advertising and promotion decisions, and you don’t have to make extra payments.
  • Get fixed income from sales. The more you devote yourself to your work, the higher your commission. It's an excellent motivation for you because you earn when you sell.
  • Spend time only on productive trading activities. Establish communications and promotions with a clear understanding of your target market.


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